The Top 5 Car Parts You Will Eventually Have To Buy

It doesn’t matter whether you own a car, truck or sport utility vehicle. At some point, it’s going to need repairs.

To help get ready for car repairs, you should be prepared to replace certain parts of your vehicle at certain intervals. Like clockwork, particular parts on your car, truck or sport utility vehicle will break down and need to be replaced.

You can open up your vehicle owner’s manual to see what parts will need to be change at regular intervals or you can look at our top five list below.

These are some of the parts that you will probably have to replace during the life of your vehicle.

  1. Tires – Depending on how long you own your car, truck or sport utility vehicle, you’re going to need to replace the tires. When it’s time to replace the tires all depends on the tires. Tires have different ratings. As expected, you tend to get more mileage out of higher quality tires. Be sure to regularly check the treads on your tires to see if they need to be replaced. It’s important not to drive on bald tires for safety reasons.
  2. Car Battery – Car batteries typically last three to four years, depending on the battery. As your battery gets older, you will want to get it checked every so often to see if it needs to be replaced. In areas with warmer climates, you may need to get your battery replaced more often because heat wears down the battery faster.
  3. Brake Pads – Brake pads need to be replaced every 30,000 to 50,000 miles depending on the brake pads and your driving habits. If you do a lot of stop and go driving, you’ll need to replace them sooner than if you do a lot of non-stop highway driving. Have your brakes checked out every 10,000 to 15,000 miles to see if they need to be replaced.
  4. Belts – If you’re hearing a squealing sound from your engine, it probably means a belt needs to be replaced. It’s common to have various belts that need to be replaced in your vehicle. V belts need to be replaced every three to four years. Check with your owner’s manual or a mechanic to see the lifetime of belts in your vehicle.
  5. Odds And Ends – Windshield wipers, tail lights, head lights, fuses and other small items are parts that you’ll probably have to replace in your vehicle at some point. These parts are typically easy to replace and you can do them yourself if needed. Be sure to immediately replace wipers and all types of lighting because these are important safety features.

Obviously, you’ll probably encounter other parts that need to be replaced while you own your vehicle. The water pump or parts of the ignition may need to be replaced. It all really depends on how long you own your vehicle.

When buying parts, consider parts that were specifically designed for your vehicle by the manufacturer. For example if you own a Toyota, buying Toyota OEM parts or genuine Toyota parts will ensure the parts fit and last a long time.

If you’re unable to replace the parts yourself, be sure to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic.

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Toyota Parts Center sells Toyota parts for all Toyota cars, Trucks and SUVs. You can find more information on our website at ToyotaPartsCenter.net.

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While You Wait MOT Service in Croydon

With the fast and frantic lifestyle many of us now lead, taking your car in for a service or MOT can be an unwanted inconvenience which forces you to take time out of a hectic daily schedule. Fortunately, an established family run business specialise in carrying out an MOT Croydon on your vehicle whilst you wait at the garage, therefore removing the hassle of having to drop your vehicle off before picking it up again later on.

For all cars that are over 3 years old, an annual MOT is required to make sure it is still safe to be out on the road and adheres to all of the required safety legislations that are in place to protect both you and other road users. It is your responsibility as the owner to ensure that the vehicle is tested every year otherwise you will be illegally driving on the road and will find yourself unable to obtain road tax when it comes to renewal.

The service available from this garage is quick and efficient as they strive to complete the whole test in the shortest available time frame to get you back out on the road. As well as providing a swift service, they are sure not to miss anything and if a fault is discovered the time will have to be taken to repair it to a level that will provide the optimum safety standards.

The fact that an MOT is required by law every year enables a trained mechanic to spot any potential problems early that can then be resolved before they escalate further and cost significantly more to repair. As you will be waiting at the garage, the time scale for any repairs can be dramatically reduced as you can be consulted immediately and the work can start as soon as you give the go ahead.

Should this be the case, they work in a fully fitted garage that is stocked with the latest tools and equipment so the required tests and potential repairs can be completed with ease. Furthermore, all mechanics are vastly experienced and have worked on cars from all of the leading manufacturers so you can rest assured that they know every model inside out.

Booking your car in for an MOT Croydon that can be completed whilst you wait on site couldn’t be easier. Feel free to simply give the friendly team at this reputable garage a call or get in touch via the contact form located on their website to arrange a time that is suitable for you.

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Written by Oliver Kyle on behalf of Ken’s Autos, specialist providers of an MOT Croydon.

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Discount Tire Texas – How To Get Cheap Tires In Texas

Discount tire Texas stores and companies abounds all around you where you can make purchases on tire products and accessories at prices several times lower than the normal price.

You can locate these stores easily today through their online presence. Because of the internet technology which we all have access to, searching for tire coupons and rebates can be done very quickly and with good results.

Discount Tire Texas Opportunities
What opportunities does discount tire Texas offer? Tire is one of the important parts of your car. Through it, your car moves, and as a result of the friction between the tires and the road, wear and tear takes place, which necessitates the changing of the tire from time to time.

Factors like the road conditions, your driving habit, and the quality of the tires also determines how often you will have to change the tires.

Whenever you want to buy tires, you want to look for a place where you can get the right quality which will be able to work well with your car, but maybe you have not really thought about the price.

It is a major factor that can help you to get value for your purchase. You can get whatever tire you need at the lowest price possible through discount tire Texas offer.

Discounts offers are not the same, comparing between companies, you will be able to pick what you feel you need among them. They vary between free shipping, rebates, discounts on one or more items you purchased at a lower price.

You will need to carefully peruse the details to have a good understanding of the offer before you choose. Following the instructions on the site, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on the items you purchased.

Using the special offers and deals of stores and companies around you, you can always purchase your tires at ridiculously low prices, particularly if you can cash in on the offers before they expire.

To make sure you get discount tire offers in Texas, you can locate a site that list various available offers as they come with links to the sites offering them. This will save you time, help you to compare easily and help you get the best.

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Save yourself the effort of searching discount tire texas all over the internet, all about auto tire site has great deals listed from always freshly updated tire discount code big stores listings.

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Polishing a Vehicle’s Clear Coat

Getting scratches on your vehicles paint job can be devastating! Luckily for you, if they are not too deep, they can be finessed out of the top surface.

Most scratches and scuffs, as well as “orange peel” and some paint defects can be “finessed” out, depending on severity. You need to tread lightly, most clear coats can be 3-5 mils thick, and a typical “finesse job” can remove.5-1.0 mils of clear coat.


First you will want to wash the vehicle. This will allow you to accurately asses the damage and can prevent making the situation worse as you attempt repair. Wet sanding and buffing a dirty car can actually make the scratch worse! Once the car is clean, analyze the area. If its just a mere scuff or even paint transfer from the object that hit it, you can usually skip straight to buffing. If its a little deeper, you will need to wet-sand first. If its too deep (paint layer, primer or bare metal exposed) then the panel will need repainted.


If you decided to wetsand, you will need to get a foam sanding block and wet-sanding paper. You will want 2000 grit and 3000 grit “wet-or-dry” paper, found at most parts stores and automotive body supply shops. The foam pad is a must, because it conforms to the area you are working on, it absorbs water (you must keep the work area wet) and they are usually cheap. You only want to wet-sand until the defect is gone. Excessive sanding yields no extra benefit and makes the clear coat too think. The appearance after sanding will be a dull chalky color, but it should be smooth and even. I usually start with 2000 grit to do most of the work, then follow up with 3000 grit to make it real smooth. Always keep the work area WET and you can add a few drops of dish soap to your water (if you are using a spray bottle) for extra lubrication.


To polish, you will need an electric polisher with variable speed. I usually set the speed between 1500 RPM and 2500 RPM, depending on what I’m working on and what kind of pad I am using. I use only foam pads unless I have a lot of material to remove and then I will use wool. You will also need a compound. There are different grades of compound depending on how much material you need to remove. The heavier the “cut”, the larger the grit in the compound. If you are polishing after 3000 grit, there really isn’t a need for a “heavy cut” compound. Keep in mind that every step of the process removes a small amount of clear coat, so you always want to go as little as possible.

Apply some compound to the work area and begin polishing with the buffer. One think to ALWAYS keep in mind with the buffer, is NEVER stop moving. Polishing creates heat and when the paint gets too hot, it can blister. Also stay away from raised edges. Raised edges can burn through the paint very quickly, down to primer or even bare metal. As you move the polisher back and forth, the compound will appear wet, then dry and then eventually disappear. You want to work in small sections, repeating that cycle (wet, dry, gone). Keep repeating until the dullness of the wet-sanding is gone.

Final Glaze

Polishing can leave the paint shiny, but there is still another step to really unlock the potential shine. To do this, you need a softer pad on the polisher (I find the softest foam they offer) and a bottle of special compound usually called “finishing glaze” (also called “swirl mark remover). Its a very compound designed to restore a very high shine and remove swirl marks from the previous step. It is applied just like regular compound.

Once the Finishing glaze is applied, a good coat of wax is recommended to help protect the paint. If the car has been recently painted, skip the wax as it can prevent the out-gassing of paint solvents weeks after a paint job. Rubbing compounds and finishing glazes are silicone free and won’t “seal” the paint, so they are safe for “fresh” paint jobs.

About the Author

Bernard is an ASE Certified MASTER Automobile Technician and MASTER Collision/Refinish Technician.

He is also owner of a repair shop: Auto Repair by Auto Specialties of Lake Norman

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Toyota Hilux, A Brief History

Toyota Hilux, A Brief History
The very first Toyota Hilux began production in march of 1968. This model was known as the RN10 and came in a short wheelbase model with a 1.5L engine, this w2as later replaced with a 1.6L engine in 1971. Early 1969 saw the addition of a long wheelbase version to the lineup.
The second generation of the Hilux was released in 1972 as the RN20 model. This model was more comfortable than previous versions and included many exterior visual updates. In 1975 the Hilux went through a major revamp in styling. It was made to be both larger and much more luxurious than previous models.
In 1978 Toyota introduced the third generation of the Hilux, with a four wheel drive option introduced in early 1979. The four wheel drive versions included a solid front axle and leaf suspension setup.

Mid 1983 saw the introduction of the fourth generation of the Hilux. Included in the lineup for the first time was a Xtracab option which was a two row extended cab version for more seating room in the cab. All through the life of the model it saw continued improvements of both the engines and suspensions. In 1986 the solid front axle was changed over to a independent front suspension setup.

In 1988 Toyota introduced the fifth generation of the Hilux. The Xtracab options now came with what were called jump seats that folded up when not in use to allow for more room behind the front seats.

The sixth generation of the Hilux started in 1995. This generation change saw many badge changes across the market as well as numerous engine and suspension options.

In 2005 the Hilux saw the introduction of the seventh generation. This version increased in size and was now classified as a mid sized pick up. A facelift version was released in 2008 which added sleeker lines and a smoother appearance to the vehicle.

Throughout its lifespan the Hilux has built up a reputation for being sturdy, reliable and even been coined as being virtually indestructible.

Engines available by generation:

First generation:

  • 1.5L-2R
  • 1.6L-12R
  • 1.9L-3R
  • 1.9L-8R SOHC
  • 2.0-18R SOHC

Second generation:

  • 1.6L-12R
  • 2.0L-18R
  • 2.0L-18R SOHC

Third generation:

  • 2.0L-18R
  • 2.4L-22R SOHC
  • 2.2L-DIESEL
  • 1.8L-PREFLOW

Fourth generation:

  • 2.4L-22R
  • 2.0L-L
  • 2.5L-2L
  • 2.5L-2L-T
  • 2.4L-22R-E
  • 2.4L-22R-TE
  • 3.0L-3VZ

Fifth generation:

  • 2.4L-22R
  • 3.0L-3VZ-E
  • 2.8L-Y
  • Sixth generation:

    • 2.4L-2RZ-FE
    • 2.7L-3RZ-FE
    • 3.4L-5VZ-FE

    Seventh generation:

    • 2.0L-1TR-FE
    • 2.5L-2KD-FTV
    • 2.7L-2TR-FE
    • 3.0L-1KD-FTV
    • 4.0L-1GR-FE

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Wayne Adams is an expert in Toyota Hilux Engines. If you are interested in learning more about quality Toyota Hilux Engines, please contact us by visiting our main site: Japanese Engines or by calling us at 442085960396

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Learn About Automotive Inspection and Maintenance to Minimize Car Repair

It is vital for any automotive owner to learn about automotive inspection and maintenance in order to minimize the need for frequent car repair and prolong the life of the vehicle. Car repair can be very expensive, especially when one talks about engine, brakes and transmission system repair. Even auto AC repair costs can add up if done frequently. To avoid such expenses, you will need to have a reliable mechanic from an auto service in Tampa that is an expert in diagnostics and car repair. Do not wait until you will need to call for towing services of tow trucks while you are on the road.

First of all, an automotive owner should be very familiar with the owner’s manual of the vehicle. This is the basic reference for automotive maintenance procedures and schedules according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your auto service mechanic should comply with the instructions in your owner’s manual. If your vehicle is quite old, though, you can expect your auto service mechanic to recommend even more stringent maintenance procedures.

You yourself can do your own diagnostic checks on your vehicle day by day. This is very important in order to catch early symptoms of automotive problems. Early detection can mean less expensive car repair.

You should regularly check the garage floor or parking slot beneath your vehicle for wet spots or puddles of liquid. If the liquid is clear, you need not worry. This is just probably water that came from the condensation of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Colored liquids may be danger signs, though, as they could mean serious leaks in your system. An overheated engine or leaking anti-freeze can produce yellow green, orange or blue liquid. Oily liquids that are red, black or dark brown could indicate that your transmission system is leaking transmission fluid. This means you should immediate contact your Tampa auto service mechanic.

You should also use your sense of smell in checking your vehicle. Certain odors should immediately alert you to a possible problem. Never ignore these danger signs.

You should always take a quick sniff of your transmission fluid whenever you check it. If you detect a burnt smell this means that your transmission system may soon fail you in the middle of the road in Tampa. Your automotive oil should not smell acrid. If you get a whiff of a a sharp smell that is similar to burnt toast, it could mean that you have an electrical short and burning insulation.

Keep your sense of smell keen even while driving. You will notice a chemical-like smell similar to burning resin when your clutch or brakes overheat. You have to immediately pull over and wait for your clutch or brakes to cool down. If you see any sign of smoke, do not under any circumstances start your vehicle.

You will smell a sweet and steamy odor if your coolant is leaking. This means your vehicle will soon overheat. Again, you should pull over at once and remedy the situation. If the odor from your car hood is more metallic, this can be even more dangerous.

The smell of gasoline means your fuel system is leaking. A sulphuric smell similar to rotten eggs means there is a problem in your emission control devices.

Another thing you should keenly observe is your vehicle’s response to your handling. Watch out for any unusual sounds, vibrations, jerks, scraping or grinding. Any of these should immediately be reported to your auto service mechanic.

The automotive owner who knows much about automotive inspection and maintenance will always have a distinct advantage. You will have an edge in keeping your vehicle in top shape longer and in working in cooperation with your mechanic and auto service to make the most of diagnostic services and car repair.

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Mad Hatter Mufflers

Address: 715 West Waters Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604

Phone: (813) 933-4179‎

Website: http://www.madhatterexhaust.com

Email: info@madhatterexhaust.com

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Looking for Carports for Sale? Consider These Crucial Factors Before Buying

If you’re looking for carports for sale, there are several factors to consider before you buy. With all the advances in what carports can offer buyers now have options, choices, and decisions to make in order to get the carport that best suits their needs. These advances mean that carports can offer much more than the protection of a vehicle or an RV. To make sure that you get what you need, answer these questions before you go shopping for carports for sale.

1) What is your budget? – The amount you plan to spend will dictate the size, level of customization, and the amount of upgrades on the carport that you buy. Metal carports offer an extremely cost effective solution to wooden structures while delivering a full roster of customization and upgrade options. In fact, homeowners are increasingly turning toward customized and upgraded carports as a way to build room additions that they would not have otherwise been able to afford.

2) What do you need it to do? – Carports have come a long way since their modest beginnings. As mentioned above, carports are a great way to add square footage to a home with additional options including boat slip covers, as shelter for farm animals from winter weather, and as additional space for businesses that are expanding. By defining exactly what you need the structure to do, you’ll be able to take the next steps including determining the size of the structure and whether upgrades such as insulation, storage, and electrical wiring are needed.

3) Will the structure require certification and/or upgrades for severe weather conditions? – If local conditions include severe weather, the structure may have to be certified for its ability to bear snow loads and high winds. This is a critical issue to consider when shopping for carports for sale. Severe conditions could make enclosing the carport a necessity, and an aluminum structure may not be strong enough to warrant certification.

4) Do uses include the need for portability? Uses beyond protecting vehicles include providing shelter at outdoor events, sheltering walkways between buildings, and protecting livestock from severe weather. If needs are based on seasonal uses, easy portability could be part of the decision making process when looking for carports for sale.

With their wide variety of uses, answering these four questions before buying a carport can make sure that you get exactly what you need. To speak to a specialist that can help you find the perfect carport solution, visit: Metal Carports or call (855) 684 1253.

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For more information on getting through your local permitting process and installing your RV carport, visit Carports For Sale or call (855) 684 1253.

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Light Up the Night with Automotive Lights

Your custom paint job is a thing of beauty during the day but at night you seem to get lost in the dark. No more! Now you can turn heads on even the darkest night by adding a number of custom lights to your vehicle.

Headlights and tail lights are intended for more than just safety. With custom sizes, shapes and tints, they add a highly-stylized look to the exterior of your vehicle. Whether you’re replacing a busted factory light or simply upgrading the look of your rig, aftermarket headlights are custom-designed for your unique make, model and year and bolt directly in place of your stock headlights. Plus, they’re fully weather-sealed, DOT approved and plug right into your factory wiring harness, removing the need for splicing, soldering or rewiring. To add even greater style, select from a wide assortment of headlight bulbs. They’re manufactured in colors that range from amber and pink to blue and orange, and they’re proven to increase your visibility on the road.

Tail lights achieve the same goal. They separate you from the herd, standing out in a bright flash of light. Unlike old-school incandescent tail lights, many of the best aftermarket replacements feature LED lights. These car LED lights are engineered with an intricate pattern of super-bright LED bulbs, blazing boldly as you rocket through traffic. Similar to custom headlights, LED tail lights provide a direct replacement for your stock components and are a snap to replace. Simply pop out the old and insert the new, connecting them through factory-style wiring connectors that match up with your stock harness, with no additional modifications or wiring required. Plus, the great thing about tail lights is that they come in a wide range of colors, matching your exterior and personal taste. Put simply: they provide excitement for your eyeballs.

For those looking to add even more flash to the exterior of their vehicle, light bars make a cool addition by creating a spectacular light show. Most commonly used as a third brake light, light bars run the length of your tailgate and sync up with your other signal lights to indicate hazard, turn signal or even just plain running lights. One of the most popular car LED lights, light bars are available in 49-inch or 60-inch lengths.

But maybe you’re not all show. Maybe you have need of something a little more functional when off-roading or navigating those long, dark highways. It’s times like these you’ll be glad for the extra illumination provided by a solid set of fog lights. Most fog lights are highly durable and encased in steel housings. They feature simple installation and mount quickly to any grille guard, light bar or roof rack. They also come in varying levels of brightness, including a wide-beam fog light and an extra bright driving light for outstanding range and nighttime visibility.

About the Author

Headlights, tail lights and light bars serve as cool additions to your vehicle, enabling you to stand out in dark and rainy driving conditions. Plus, they’re one of the easiest upgrades you could ever make—plug and play, installing in just minutes.

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What To Do When Your Alternator Is Broken

The alternator in your car is an electromechanical device that converts the energy produced by your wheels turning, into electrical energy that charges your battery. Without this all the electricity your car uses for things like your lights, stereo and pumps will be drawn from your battery until it runs out. This is because normally your battery is constantly charged by the alternator and without it your car will eventually just stop. This is especially alarming if you have power steering and ABS brakes as they all run off your battery and will suddenly feel very heavy which could be quite dangerous if you are driving at high speed.

Here is some advice on what to do when your alternator is broken:

Take it to the garage

The simple thing to do is to take your car down to your local garage. You will probably need to recharge your battery using another car and some jump leads to get you there but once you are there, they should be able to replace it.

Replace it yourself

Another option is to replace it yourself. This is quite a tricky thing to do without professional help though as it requires knowledge of mechanical as well as electrical systems and above all can be incredibly awkward depending on what type of car you have. Luckily there are a number of books and video tutorial available which can talk you through the procedure step by step.

Tools you will need include a socket wrench, various sizes of sockets and deep sockets. Basically you have to disconnect everything from your alternator, remove your old alternator from its position, then attach all your pipes and wires to your new one before putting it back into place, and then slot it into the gap. This all may vary depending on what sort of car you have.

You will be able to find a number of places to buy parts both online and in your local directories which will be able to source everything from a VW alternator that matches or is compatible with your vehicle or perhaps a Honda starter motor.

Recondition it

Your last option aside from throwing it away is to get the alternator fixed. This is not something you will probably be able to do yourself unless you are an electrical engineer so you will need to find an alternator renovator specialist who will be able to take your alternator to bits, find the problem and get it working. This will not be the cheapest option.

About the Author

Sam Qam is an electrical engineer. He has renovated many a VW alternator over the years but would not recommend any amateur even attempt to fix their own. These and starter motors such as the Honda starter motor and very dangerous mechanical components to fool around with for your vehicle.

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Practical Tips for Effective Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is one difficult cleaning task, because there are many different types of surfaces that need to be cleaned. The body of the automobile, the engine, and other components are made of steel and other metals. Naturally, they are hard and sturdy. The interior parts of the vehicle, such as seat upholstery, floor mats, and carpet, are soft surfaces and require an entirely different type of cleaning machine for proper maintenance.

<strong>Hard Surface Cleaning</strong>

The hard exterior surfaces require powerful cleaning systems, such as a pressure washer. The machines utilize highly pressurized water to blast away residues from vehicle surfaces. The use of hot water or steam units, also referred to as mobile car wash or steam car wash machines, enables users to also soften and dissolve tree sap, grease, mud, and other substances for faster removal. As long as the pressure level of automotive pressure washers does not exceed 1500 psi, they can be used on painted vehicle bodies, windshield and windows, and other surfaces.

The hard surfaces within the vehicle require a different kind of machine, a steam cleaner. These systems utilize "dry" vapor steam at high temperatures up to 360°F to dissolve dirt and stains. Steam cleaning systems are ideal for cleaning the dashboard, consoles, and door jambs; spot cleaning upholstery and carpeting; and cleaning windows and windshields with a squeegee attachment.

<strong>Selecting the Right System for Automotive Carpet</strong>

For interior car detailing, low-flow carpet cleaners are the right machines. The output temperature can vary up to 210°F. The output pressure level can range up to 500 psi. A specialized upholstery tool is also essential. Carpet wands are far too large for cleaning the tight spaces within the interiors of vehicles. Thus, a four-inch upholstery wand is ideal.

In auto detailing, it is important to know that pre-spraying carpets and upholstery with a green carpet cleaning solution is the first step. Then, carpet shampooers can be used to inject a mixture of water and a cleaning solution onto automobile carpets and upholstery. The operator can use the upholstery wand attached to the system to agitate the surface. The cleaning agents will disrupt the bond between the dirt material and the carpet fibers. The agitation will result in the formation of a residue including both the chemical and impurities. This residue is extracted completely and deposited in the recovery tank.

<strong>Drying Time</strong>

When carpet upholstery cleaning, it is important to consider drying time, the time required for the surface to dry completely after the cleaning process. All detailing professionals want quick drying times to increase turnaround, reduce the need for vehicle storage overnight, and keep customers happy with quick and thorough results. However, if conventional carpet cleaning supplies are used, they will have to wait 8-24 hours for carpets to dry before the vehicle can be returned to the customer.

Thanks to new technology, the best carpet upholstery cleaning equipment offers a drying time of less than two hours. These carpet cleaners are equipped with low flow technology. The use of less water not only reduces drying times, it also reduces the risk of mold, mildew, or bacteria growth in damp carpets.

To offer the complete auto detailing package to your customers, it is important to have the right equipment to accomplish each individual application. Mobile car wash and steam car wash equipment, low-flow carpet cleaners, and green cleaning chemicals are a must.

About the Author

Auto detailing is a art to make your automobile spotless and looking like brand new with different car washing equipment & techniques like portable car wash, steam car wash, mobile car wash with cold water or a steam pressure washer.

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